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Full Stack Web Development

Zafu Labs delivers expert full stack development services via short and long term hourly contracts or per project bidding.

We can do great work with many technologies, but we have special expertise in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React.js, PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ.

We are based in Nashville, but love to work remotely for clients all over the US.

Zafu Labs places an emphasis on transparent, open, and detailed communication with our clients. We can work alongside your existing team or manage your project completely.

Monolith to Mircoservice Conversion

Zafu labs has special expertise in the conversion of Monolithic applications to distributed Microservice based architectures.

We will create a detailed plan for how to move your organization forward. Then, we can stay on board for implementation, or hand it over to your internal teams to make it happen.

Payment Systems and Accounting Automation

We have deep knowledge about processing payments and booking revenue. We can help your system to support many different payment providers (Stripe, Paypal/Braintree, CKO, etc). Then, we can build the automation (using data transformation and accounting software APIs) to make recognizing revenue painless or even fully automatic.

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